Urbankick class never stops. Musicality and cueing are components essential to teaching a class that flows from beginning to end. In this section, we will review the 32-count phrasing of the music and cueing methods. Then you will start practicing moving and cueing with the music. If you’re new to teaching to the music, just remember, it takes a lot of practice to get comfortable. And this course will give you plenty of opportunities to practice and improve!


  • Understand the 32-count phrasing of the music
  • Identify the top of the 32-count phrase
  • Understand cueing strategies
  • Get comfortable moving and cueing with music

Your Tasks:

  • Watch lecture videos:
    • Lecture 1: Introduction to Musicality
    • Lecture 2: Introduction to Cueing
    • Lecture 3: Cueing 101 | Slips & Rotation
    • Lecture 4: Cueing 102 | Humpty Dump
  • Download Music Mix (bottom of page)
  • Practice session: Start to learn how to move and cue with music using slips & rotations
  • Read Chapter 3 (In Quiz Section)
  • Complete Chapter 3 Quiz


Email us at [email protected]. We will get back to you as soon as possible!

Urbankick provides a premixed music mix set at 150bpms for you to use and is located in your Introduction to Musicality Section. If you are not satisfied with this mix, you are welcome to use any music you prefer throughout the course but the mix must be a continuous beat, follow the 32 count musical phrase, and be between 144-150 bpms. We also recommend downloading the Tempo Magic App on your phone. It allows you to control the pitch and tempo directly from you phone.

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