So far in this course, you have learned to teach puzzle pieces in isolation. You teach one puzzle piece then move on to another puzzle piece using glue for a seamless transition. This is a great method for beginner classes or classes that have a challenging time remembering sequences since it doesn’t require a ton of memorization. In this section, we will introduce you to the art of sequencing, where you combine multiple sequences back to back for a more complex sequence-based class. This is a great method to implement for your more intermediate and advanced classes who enjoy a sequence-based class.


  • Understand and apply the sequencing methodology
  • Identify the glue(s) that will create flow from one puzzle piece to the next
  • Use spark cues and roadmaps to progress each sequence and to seamlessly transition from one puzzle piece/glue to the next
  • Execute proper technique for each sequence
  • Follow proper steps to progress each sequence
  • Teach to the 32-count phrase through the progressions for each sequence
  • Use language that offers progressions as OPTIONS, not requirements

Your Tasks:

  • Watch lecture and puzzle piece videos:
    • Lecture 1: Introduction to Sequencing
    • Puzzle Piece 1: [Sequence] Shuffle Punch it Out
    • Puzzle Piece 2: [Sequence] Terminator Back Kick
    • Puzzle PIece 3: [Sequence] 7-Up
    • Puzzle Piece 4: [Sequence] Humpty Dump
    • Puzzle Piece 5: [Sequence] Knock ‘Em Front Kick
    • Puzzle Piece 6: [Sequence] Jackie Chan
  • OPTIONAL: Practice and submit ONE video
    • Sequencing Flow 1


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